Park Place Village Condominium

Condo Living - Frequently Asked Questions

What is a condominium? 
  • A condominium is a form of ownership in which owners share an interest in common areas, such as parking structures and shared yards, and hold title separately to their individual units. 
 What are the advantages of a Park Place Village Condo?


  • Enjoy Maintenance Free Living for the outside and structure.
  • Decorate, change, and modify the inside as you wish. 
  • Participate as much or as little as you wish in the Association, Board, and committees.
  • Enjoy the benefits of professional property management.
  • Meet friendly neighbors and new friends.
  • Enjoy the security of a home without worrying about lawns and exterior maintenance.


 What are the differences between a single family unit and a condominium?
  • To maintain consistency, overall appearance,  and property values, all exterior improvements you wish to make must be approved by Board.
  • Community residents follow a set of "Community Rules and Guidelines".
 Who controls the "common elements" of a condo?
  • The unit owners are members of the Association, and are the ultimate decisions makers. They elect and assign responsibility to a a Board of Directors.  The Board in urn forms committees who oversee specific areas of the community, such as landscaping and buildings. 
  • All decisions must follow the governing documents, which include the "Declaration", the "Bylaws", and Ohio Condominium law.
 What is Bob Webb's track record in Central Ohio?
  • The base for a successful condo community is the Developer.
  • Bob Webb Group has been in business since 1960, and has played an integral role in developing and building award-winning homes in Central Ohio’s most highly regarded communities.
  • Some of the Webb condo and patio home communities include:


    • Village at the Bluffs
    • Stonebridge Crossing
    • Lake Edges at Golf Village
    • Village at Harvest Wind


  • Single Family developments include:


    • Ballantrae
    • GlenRoss
    • Little Bear Village
    • Park Place at North Orange
    • Tartan Fields
    • Tartan Ridge


 How can you tell if a condo community is the right place for you
  • Like purchasing a single family unit, purchasing a condo is an investment.  Consider at least four important factors before selecting a condo and a condo community:
  • Location - is this a desirable, growing area?
  • Quality of the unit - is the interior and exterior built of quality materials that will last?
  • Financial strength of the Association - Does the Association maintain and grow its reserves to handle future maintenance needs?
  • Ongoing management of the community Is the Board following an active preventative maintenance program?
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